What is a Tracking Platform?

In this article, we will highlight why Softruck is the ideal platform for managing your vehicles. 🚀

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📡 A tracking platform is a web-based system that processes information related to tracking, which, in turn, uses technologies like GPS (Global Positioning System) and mobile network communication to monitor and track vehicles in real-time.

In addition to location information, the platform can provide users with information and features related to reports, alert systems, analytical dashboards, and more.

→ And thus, it fulfills its primary purpose: improving vehicle management and security, increasing operational efficiency, and providing more safety.

📌 Characteristics of a Good Tracking Platform

1.Vehicle Location

In a tracking platform, it's crucial to have precise vehicle location. Vehicle tracking is of utmost importance, so a platform that can report the location of your vehicles is essential!


Another very important aspect to consider when choosing a platform like this is the availability of extracting relevant reports about the operation of tracked vehicles. Reports that provide comprehensive information about every detail, whether it's about vehicles, chips, or devices.

3.Personalized Support

As it's a system, you need the support of the system's support team because there may be situations that require assistance. Therefore, personalized support that will assist you in these processes and teach you how to improve your management will be of utmost importance.

4.Effective Alert System

The system's effectiveness also depends on an alert feature capable of drawing the operator's attention to any abnormal situation, requiring greater control or a decision to be made.

5.Up-to-Date Mapping

Since it's a vehicle tracking system, it's essential that the entire mapping system remains up-to-date to improve the visualization of all route options and vehicle locations on the screen.

In this scenario, Softruck is the ideal platform for managing your vehicles. We process billions of data points every year to provide you with the most robust fleet analyses, whether your fleet is small, medium, or large. 🚀

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