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Configuring the Odometer and Hour Meter of the Device through the Platform
Configuring the Odometer and Hour Meter of the Device through the Platform

In this article, you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to perform this configuration using the Softruck platform.

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In addition to the options of blocking and unblocking, locating, communication interval, and others, it is also possible to change the odometer and hour meter information! ✨

Access the Organization > Device topic.

Enter the IMEI or Device Identifier, then click on "More details" to continue the procedure.

Access Commands to set or reset the odometer or hour meter.

To reset the odometer, simply fill in the field with the distance in meters 📏 and send the command by clicking the button in front.

To reset the hour meter, follow the same steps, but this time inputting the time in seconds ⏰.

After configuring, click on the arrow as shown in the image above and select the YES option.

If the device does not have the hour meter configuration to send commands, it will not appear on the platform, and another way to proceed is by contacting the manufacturer for assistance with SMS commands.

🟡 We recommend not sending too many commands.

This command history information will be right below the same tab you are currently on!

🔹Note: In the image, it shows an "Error" status because it is a fictitious situation.

→ As soon as you send the command, check the platform for the status of the command's delivery.

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