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How to send notifications to my clients?
How to send notifications to my clients?

See in this material how to set up automated notifications for the users registered in your database.

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Softruck introduces another feature in its platform, with the functionality of automated notification delivery to the users registered in the database! 📱✨

This way, the platform provides yet another solution that simplifies the management for our partners, allowing responsible users linked to a vehicle's license plate to obtain better diagnostics regarding the status of the device installed in their respective vehicles.

📌 The notifications provide important tips to users on how to maintain the tracker's connection with the Softruck platform!

You can configure directly through the platform which notifications users registered in your database will receive on their mobile phones. To do this, go to the Organization > Companies menu.

Then click on the company and More Details. After that, click on Notifications. This way, you can select the types of notifications that users registered in your database will receive by moving the selector to enable the desired notifications. Afterward, just Save the changes.

The Administrator user responsible for the company should define the notification settings, and according to these settings, the users of that company will be notified.

🎉 The notifications will be displayed directly on the user's mobile phone!

❗ It's important to emphasize that this configuration needs to be performed by an Administrator user, thus applying the notification settings to all users registered in the respective database.

❗ If the company has multiple branches, it's necessary for an Administrator user registered in the respective branch to apply the settings for users to receive notifications.

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