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How to send a lock/unlock command through the device tab
How to send a lock/unlock command through the device tab

Managing your vehicle's security through the Softruck platform

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You can send a lock/unlock command to the device installed in your vehicle through the platform! It's very simple and intuitive to perform this action through the Softruck platform. ✨

It's important to emphasize that for the command to be applied, the equipment must be communicating with the Softruck platform, and the installation must be correct.

Access to the lock command is granted to users with the roles of Administrator, Collaborator, and Owner. Users with the Customer role do not have this permission.

Let's go through the steps to apply it to your vehicles!

The first step is to access the "Devices" tab in the Organization menu.

Search for the device and click on "More Details."

Next, click on "Commands" to access the command center available for the equipment.

To Lock 🚫, you will click on Activate Output, and to Unlock, you will click on Deactivate Output. ✔️

After selecting the command you want, confirm the action.

Please note that the device will execute the command if the installation is correct!

🟡 Note: Devices must be reporting in real-time on the platform for each command to be executed.

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