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Mass Registration - SIM Cards (Chips)
Mass Registration - SIM Cards (Chips)

Optimize Your Time: Import Data in Bulk Quickly and Efficiently on the Platform

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We will demonstrate the mass registration process intuitively so that you can excel at it!

Access the "New Item" and "Import" section in the upper left corner of the screen.

❗ Select a file that complies with the template spreadsheet we provide; this way, the platform will pull data from this spreadsheet.

Next, fill in the fields available on the right side with the corresponding information. Once done, click "Next."

If any item is incorrect or has been sent mistakenly, you can delete it by clicking the 🗑 icon. Otherwise, click "Import."

The steps to follow within the platform for mass CHIPS registration are:

New Item > Import > Chips > Import Spreadsheet > Batch is optional > Fill in fields on the right with the following information: Serial / Line / Supplier / APN / APN User / APN Password / Carrier > Next > Import

Let's see:

🟡 The batch is not mandatory; it serves in case you need to search for a specific batch. You can enter the batch, and all chips registered with that code will appear.

IMPORTANT: Your spreadsheet MUST NOT contain duplicate data, as the platform will not allow you to save the registration.

Below, you will find the template file for you to fill in with the necessary information for this process. It's important to note that while you need to fill out the entire spreadsheet, only the necessary fields will appear when filling in the platform:

Complete Spreadsheet: Click here Model Spreadsheetlo.xlsx

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