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Fuel Management Module - Fleets
Fuel Management Module - Fleets

Intelligent Fuel Control: Managing Efficiency and Sustainability in Fleet Management

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Our management system controls the fuel consumption of each vehicle and provides information about refueling, helping companies and managers save and use fuel in a rational and sustainable manner.

This module is part of the Fleet Management functionalities. Managing fuel consumption is an essential task for any fleet manager. To make your job easier, Softruck has developed a module focused on controlling refueling.

Access the Fleet > Refueling tab on the left corner of the screen.

Click on "Add" in the right corner of the screen to create a new refueling entry.

Fill in the fields below and click "Save."

To calculate fuel consumption, you can use the following formula.

consumption = ((odometer reading at refueling - odometer reading at previous refueling) / total liters refueled) * 100

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